3 Fashion Hacks: How To Look Good On A Video Conference?

With many of us moving work from home, our meetings with colleagues and clients have adopted a video format. So how to look good on a video conference? Further, our fashion expert shares 3 fashion hacks how to nail your Zoom call look.

Embrace Colours

For work calls, our top style tip is to embrace colours. It’s not by chance that TV & News presenters often wear vivid tones – it’s a well-known stylist secret that strong colours look better on a screen. Avoid too much black for your Zoom calls, especially if your complexion is dark (dark hair or skin tone). Equally, if you have a very light complexion, avoid colours that are close to your skin tone, because they will wash out your face. If you don’t trust us, test it yourself – make a shot of you wearing black and compare it against a shot of you wearing a bold colour that suits you. Aim to have a few accessories near your face – frames, an embellished headband, hoop earrings or a layered necklace.

“Bright colours look impactful on the screen, especially near the neckline. They bounce the light towards your face and brighten up your skin. On the contrary, black absorbs colour and if you look tired, have dark circles or spots it will accentuate them. Try to bring contrast to your face by wearing colours that compliment your complexion, embrace different prints or textures.” 

How To Look Good On A Video Conference Advice by Deni Kiro

Zoom call outfit idea

Set-up The Props

Set up the props at your home office area. Find the brightest spot in your house with plenty of daylight. Everyone looks better in natural light. Make sure the light comes towards your face. Set up your screen at a flattering angle before the call. You can use coffee table books or a laptop stand to set the screen at an eye-level. For mobile phone video calls, we recommend you to invest in a tripod. If you tend to do your meeting in the evenings, it’s worth considering an LED light ring – you will instantly see the benefit of having flattering lighting.

“Avoid having a zoom meeting with you back facing the window.  This will throw a shadow over your face and give you an unflattering effect. Always aim to have your conference calls with the window light coming from the side of your screen.”
How To Look Good On A Video Conference Personal Stylist Advice

Finishing Touches on How To Look Good On A Video Conference

Don’t skip the finishing touched before you jump on a Zoom call. Good grooming for men is a must – aks your barber for styling hacks on how to get ready quickly.  For women, simple makeup and glowing complexion are the little things that will make you look great on a conference call. Make sure you set up a makeup routine that is quick and works for your facial features. For make-up inspiration, read the interview with YSL makeup artist Marcio, where he gives tips on how to get ready quickly or watch his make-up masterclass on how to create glowing complexion at DK Style Youtube channel.

Your Video Call ‘Look Good’ Kit

We have listed our favourite gadgets, clothes and accessories that will help you to look good on a video conference. If you want to find out more about what colours suit you and the ones to avoid, you can book a professional colour & body shape consultation with an expert stylist. The session will give you a lifetime knowledge of how to look at your best and shop colours that make the most of your features.

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