Dress Sustainably: Buy Less, Wear More

Buy Less, Wear More is a social initiative that helps my current and prospective clients to dress sustainably. Sustainable Styling is all about making you feel great, look great and do good through conscious fashion choices. Our mission is to create a positive impact by helping you make informed decisions towards clothes shopping. In addition, our personal styling services are designed with sustainability in mind. Every session aims to give you styling tips on how to shop consciously and build a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

Going green has become a trend lately, with positive fashion being a hot topic at London Fashion Week 2019. As a personal stylist and someone in a position to influence people with their clothing choices, I feel a social responsibility to educate my clients on how to dress sustainably. The main goal is to make a positive impact by keeping you informed on the latest sustainable trends in fashion.

“A simple tip I always give to my clients: Before buying a garment, ask yourself whether you can wear it in 4 different ways. Can you make at least 30 wears out of it? If the answer is ‘no’, don’t buy it. By keeping this simple styling rule, you will end up buying less but wearing more of your clothes!”

Participate in the #BuyLessWearMore Challenge!

Educating yourself about new sustainable solutions is key to dressing sustainably. Therefore, as part of the Buy Less Wear More initiative, you can slowly start to incorporate small eco-friendly actions into your daily dressing habits. To help you, I have listed 10 easy ways to start dressing more sustainably. In addition, I encourage all my clients to join the #buylesswearmore challenge and take a one month break from shopping. This will help you break your shopping habits and start wearing more of your existing wardrobe.

If you need further support about moving towards more sustainable dressing, I’ll be happy to help you start dressing and shopping consciously. Get in touch to book a free consultation or start your sustainable journey with a  Wardrobe Cleanse Home Visit.  Alternatively, join our community of like-minded individuals striving towards the very same goal at our next masterclass Make the Most From Your Wardrobe: Style & Swap

The #BuyLessWearMore initiative invites you to take a one month break from shopping. Therefore, stimulating you to get creative and wear more of your existing wardrobe. We encourage you to tag yourself in social media and share how you re-styled your existing clothes. Help us show that each person can make a difference!