Wardrobe Refresh: Where Colours Became The New Black

In this client story, I will demonstrate creative ways to style colorful outfits which highlight my client’s assets the best. Poppy approached me to help her modernise her style and make it more fashionable. She is looking for an elegant, playful and bold style. I was able to show her that we can make playful outfits using bold colours for each occasion.

“Deni has completely revamped my wardrobe. It was very useful to go through my closet and keep the right item for my body type and style personality. She enriched my wardrobe with new items and created outfits that looked amazing for each occasion. She is very attentive to her clients needs, very helpful and very passionate about her job!”

Formal Looks For Going Out

When it comes to a show-stopping going-out outfit, nothing beats a slip dress in a colour that flatters your skin tone. The flamboyant copper shades make Popy’s ideal colour palette for formalwear as it blends in harmony with her soft and warm complexion. She also has a very feminine silhouette which I want to highlight by underlining her waist with a slip midi dress in shiny fabric.

To give a lengthening effect, I added pointed nude heels to her outfit. It is a perfect look for a sophisticated night out.

In each look, I used golden jewelry to go with Popy’s colour palette and add details around her upper body. 

For a more formal occasion, I suggested for Popy a light yellow suit. The pastel yellow adds playfulness to her closet. This suit is composed of darted trousers and a cropped jacket which ends in a V-shape. The jacket has retro-feel with shoulder pads and a cleavage in a square shape that adds definition to her shoulders while also underlining her waist, a perfect way to highlight the feminine shapes of a silhouette. These elements bring angles, sharpness and elegance to Popy’s style.

For effortless day to night transition, I made Popy try a close-fitting dress in an abstract print. Once again, it highlights her curves whilst also being quite bold and elegant with an asymmetrical « V » cleavage.


For smart casual workwear, I styled two outfits that aim to show to Popy a modern way to play with colours & tailoring. For these looks, I associated different shades in a monochrome harmony with a lighter shade on the top. This styling technique has a slimming effect on the silhouette. I also suggested a warmer option with a coat to be able to deal with any type of weather especially when transitioning in between seasons.

Both outfits are accessorized with the same cross-body beige rectangular bag to elegantly underline her waist.

For this look, Popy is wearing a leather type of bootcut trousers. This trendy cut visually has the ability to lengthen the legs. To put in value her waist, I made a bold transition happen between her high-waisted black trousers and a flamboyant burn orange silky shirt. This shirt opens in a « V » neck and brings extra elegance to her outfit.

Using the same bottoms, I suggested to Popy a more feminine silhouette with a very romantic top. This top adds details to the upper body as it has a pussy-bow around the neck. I also added to this outfit a sophisticated touch with a jewelry type of bag.

The coat that Popy is wearing underlines her silhouette with a modern slim leather belt styled in a bow around the waist.

Working with Popy allowed me to show her many different ways to combine items and colours together in multiple ways to fit any occasion in her everyday life.

A wardrobe refresh with me allows you to introduce new colours & styles in different way. It brings a new perspective on how to be more confident with your body and style. For this type of service, I always make sure that I teach you methods tailored just for you, which you can keep using for the future. Make sure you email us to reserve your date now !

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by Lila Josselin
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