In-Person Styling & Shopping Sessions Are Back: Post-COVID19 Modus Operandi

From 15th June 2020, our in-person styling & shopping sessions are back. The structure of in-person styling sessions has been adapted with the current situation to make your experience safe, enjoyable & stress-free. In line with our post-COVID19 modus operandi, we are currently offering three possible ways for in-person styling sessions to our clients.

Initial Consultation & Stylist preps

Every personal styling experience will start with an in-depth consultation to identify your clothing likes, dislikes, budget and lifestyle needs. Your stylist will take measurements, analyse your body shape & colouring and recommend where to shop for your budget. The initial style consultation can be arranged in-person or virtually via a one-to-one video call.

01. Meet Your Stylist At Store

We can arrange a private changing room for you as part of any in-store styling to ensure a seamless & enjoyable shopping experience. Your stylist can set up a private dressing room for you in a selected number of stores within Central London. Your stylist will pre-select items at the store before your arrival and set up a dressing room with full outfits.



02. Get Styled At Your Home

As part of our Style Refresh Home Visit, your stylist can shop on your behalf and deliver the items to your house. All you need to do is try on the clothes at the comfort of your home while we advise on the styling, have fun, and purchase what you love. You will be introduced to new brands and styles and pick up insider styling tips on which colours suit your skin tone & complexion.


03. Get Styled Virtually

After your initial consultation, your stylist can prepare a selection of clothes and accessories as soon as 48 hours. Your stylist will arrange the clothes to get delivered to your home or chat with you virtually via a one-to-one video styling session. You try the outfits and only purchase what you love while we navigate you through the clothes and advise on how to mix & match the items. Virtual styling is best suited for clients who live outside London or the UK or have no time to visit the shops.



Upon booking your personal styling information, please specify which type of sessions best suits you. Find out more information on How It Works & FAQ or book a free initial consultation to get a styling plan recommended by your stylist here.


by Deni Kiro Style

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