The Benefits of Having A Men’s Personal Stylist In London 

When we think about personal styling, we’re thinking directly of a women’s business but men are just as concerned about style these days.  London’s crowded shopping streets combined with fast pace work life can make shopping overwhelming, that’s where the men’s personal stylist comes in. If you hate shopping, crowds and want to save time just leave it up to us. Your personal stylist is here to guide you through London’s fashion schene, save you time, and advise you on the best styles to flatter your lifestyle.

Clothes give a non-verbal message about the wearer and set the first impression that is vital for both business and personal life.

A Men’s Personal Stylist Saves You Time 

We live busy lives, our time is precious, and we don’t always have time to spend countless hours shopping. You will no longer need to waste time queuing up in stores, your men’s stylist London will be there to shop on your behalf, create a selection of clothes just for you, and adapt to your busy schedule.

How does a personal styling session work? Your stylist preselects garments before your arrival and sets up a dressing room with full outfits personalised to your brief. All you need to do is try the outfits we have already styled for you, have fun and purchase what you love, it’s that easy!
men's personal stylist

Our client Adam looking effortlessly stylish in smart casual weekend attire.

A Men’s Personal Stylist Knows What Suits You

Sometimes knowing what to wear to a special occasion, what fits us and what doesn’t, can be a little tricky. This is where the Men’s personal stylist comes in to help you create outfits adapted for every occasion while respecting your style and your body shape. Your men’s personal shopper will be able to introduce you to new brands and styles and open new horizons for you.

 “Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

Accessories are a vital part of men’s style – the finner details such as belt, frames, watch and pockets square elevate your style.

A Men’s Personal Shopper Saves You Stress

Shopping can be very tiring and stressful, but thanks to your personal shopper you can avoid crowded London shops. You won’t have to worry anymore about not knowing what to wear to your next business meeting or night out. We can curate and delivery an entire capsule wardrobe that is easy to mix & match and manage and has multiple outfits choices.
Your men’s personal shopper will make your life easier and less stressful so you can focus on the things that are important to you. Our on-going Style Advice service means you can be a text away from your stylist every time you need help with styling.

men's personal shopper

Comfort is key, the right style for you must be that comfortable that you forget about them during the day.

A Men’s Personal Stylist Creates A New Style For You 

Sometimes you may feel like you are always buying and wearing the same clothes, how many times have we heard the phrase “I have nothing to wear”? But the good news is that your personal shopper will be there to give you a new perspective and fresh ideas on what styles work for your body shape, personality and lifestyle. We will help you update your wardrobe with key pieces that will allow you to create multiple outfits and stay stylish at all times.

Men’s Personal Styling Services With Deni Kiro 

A styling session with Deni Kiro will allow you to re-discover your style and the confidence that comes with it. Thanks to her expertise and professionalism, she will be able to curate outfit choices in line to your tastes, your morphology, and your lifestyle to create a brand new wardrobe for you. Available and attentive, she will adapt to your busy schedule to give you a unique styling experience. Discover more about her latest personal shopping services here.

“My academic bachelor’s degree in Design and Fashion combined with my extensive 7 years experience, means I can work with anyone regardless of their body shape, age and budget to help them achieve their style goals.” -Deni Kiro.

by Cloe Guilbert

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