Client Story: Professional Photoshoot in London

The saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. With social medias emerging as a powerful tool for self branding, there comes the opportunity to creating a memorable first impression to our current and prospect clients. The average person spends a few seconds before moving on to the next post, which means that you have to make those few seconds count when it comes to business. A professional photoshoot gives you the opportunity to portray a certain message through the photos on your online platforms. From the outfits chosen, to the style of hair and make-up, location and pose types, people can quickly get a sense of the message you are trying to portray. If you the founder or face of your business and want to attract a certain clientele, creating processional images for your LinkedIn or website can elevate your career tot he next level, Are you someone who values humour and wants that to be portrayed in your online platforms? Are you looking for a new job and want to demonstrate professionalism? Whichever message you are trying to portray, a professional photoshoot in London can ensure you look your best when it comes to business.

 “How many times have you checked an online social platforms before using the a certain brand’s services? Your clients do exactly the same with you ! Nowadays, the images we present on social media platforms work as a business card for our work.”

Client Story: Professional Photoshoot in London

Recently we had a photoshoot with one of our lovely clients who was looking to update her professional portfolio with fresh content for the new season. Our client in particular was looking for professional photographs to match her personal branding, which is feminine, classic and elegant. This was reflected in the outfits selected for her.

“As part of the styling, we’ve focused on colour combinations that complement her skin tone and go nicely for the spring season. The locations were also carefully chosen as a simple yet elegant backdrop to her street styles.”

Professional Photoshoot London

As part of our Professional Photoshoot London packages, you will work with an image consultant who will help you to create the image you want to portray at work. The experience starts with a face-to-face consultation, in person or via a video call with your fashion consultant. Prior to the photoshoot, we will select the outfits to match your brief and complement your body shape and skin tone. You may choose to have the option to have your hair and make-up done on the day too. Then your image consultant will create mood boards a theme for the photoshoot including styling outfits, picking the right location. On the day, fashion photographer, Nina Duque will meet you at the location and guide you through the photoshoot session. With the half & full day photoshoot sessions, you will also have a stylist to style you on site. Nina will edit the photos you select in high-resolution. This service ensures the stress of planning a photoshoot is removed from you so you can enjoy the experience.

If you are looking to have a similar experience in London, read about our professional photoshoot packages for  women: and men.

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by Aaicha, style assistant

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