How To Elevate Your Summer Style With Accessories

Summer accessories shouldn’t be an afterthought – make your shoes, sunglasses and jewellery the stars of the show this season.  During our latest webinar on How To Accessorize & Build An Impactful Outfit, fashion stylist Deni Kiro showcased an edit of the key accessories for Spring Summer 2020 and how to style them to creating an impactful outfit.

When possible always invest in great quality pieces, it’s better to have fewer accessories that go with all your outfits. As a stylist, I help my clients to choose the accessories that fit perfectly their wardrobes and showcase how to style them in multiple ways.” – Deni Kiro

How To Elevate Your Summer Style With Accessories

When shopping for accessories, choose versatile items which you can restyle over and over again. If you can’t wear them with five different impactful outfits, opt for another style. To choose the right accessories for you, think of your lifestyle and personality first – decide which accessory types suit you the best. Our top stylists advise you to pick at least three accessories types which you would like to build a good selection of. These can be shoes, belts, bags, jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves, sunglasses, frames or hair accessories. When you shop for your accessories make sure they go with each other and the colours coordinate. For example, choose a necklace which you can style with your statement sunglasses and bag. 

“When choosing accessories, It’s important to allocate the right brands for the items you want to invest in. This is where working with a stylist can help you avoid an expensive mistake and elevate your summer style. The unconventional styles and less popular brands will add personality to your style. Building a selection of unique accessories from less commercial brands is a great way to create am individual look.”
Elevate Your Summer Style with top stylist Deni Kiro

BY FAR Sandals Elina Linardaki sandals | Missoma chain bracelets set  |KATERINA MAKRIYIANNI Errings | Jani Foale Earrings | Stratberry London handbag | BEN-AMUN Pearl Earrings | THE MOIRE sustainable clutch

When we talk shoes, before buying statement heels, make sure you own an everyday pair that is comfortable and goes with everything. Both the ‘barely-there’ strap sandals and the gladiator flats are minimalist and super versatile everyday shoe options. If your wardrobe is mostly composed of staples or neutrals, statement shoes could elevate your style. For example, the creations of greek designer Elina Linardaki are truly unique. Sunglasses are a really versatile piece that can be worn all year round which makes them a practical one. When choosing sunglasses, try to invest in a great quality brand. If you want to watch the full recording of How To Aveessorize & Build An Impactful Outfit you can purchase the webinar recording here.  

Shopping with a top stylist will help you buying less and making the most of every fashion purchase.

Top Stylist Advice on How to Build An Impactful Outfit

Top Stylist Advice on How to Build An Impactful Outfit

Your personal stylist UK can work individually with you to help you build your dream selection of key staple accessories in as little as two hours. If you seek more personalized style advice on accessories, book a two-hour styling session with a fashion expert from London who will help you choose what is right for you and elevate your summer style.

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by Cloe Guilbert

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