Wardrobe Cleanse Tutorial: How To Do Wardrobe Detox at Home in 3 Steps

We all tend to accumulate a lot of clothes in our wardrobes, clothes that we haven’t worn for years, clothes that are still with labels, clothes that are too small or too big… This can lead to having an overwhelming wardrobe, while we never know what to wear and only use a tiny percentage of our clothes. If you recognize yourself in this description, it’s time for a big wardrobe cleanse. In this article, we will give you three easy steps from our wardrobe cleanse tutorial to help you succeed in your wardrobe cleanse at home. 

“Being organised is the key to success! It’s often what we hold on to that holds us back. If you want to improve your life immediately, start with clearing out your wardrobe.” 

The First Step of the Wardrobe Cleanse Tutorial

The best way to stay organized is to make a wardrobe cleanse before each season, four times per year. To start your wardrobe cleanse, it is very important to choose the season you are going to focus on. For example, right now you will focus on summer clothes. The first step is to take out all the clothes from your wardrobe and put them in one place, your bed for example. Place them in sections so you don’t get lost, the tops with the tops, the skirts with the skirts, it will be visually easier to navigate through them. Then it’s time to try on every single piece of clothing.

“The key when trying on your clothes is, to be honest. Ask yourself: “Do I love this top? Is the fit perfect? Is it still in good condition? Does it make me feel happy and confident?” If you don’t truly love something or it doesn’t fit perfectly there’s no point in keeping it. “
wardrobe cleanse tutorial by clothes stylist Deni Kiro

The Second Step 

When you have tried on all your clothes, you can now divide them into four categories: ‘keep’, ‘replace’, ‘sell/donate’ and ‘tailoring’. In the ‘keep’ category, put on all the clothes that you truly love and fit well. The clothes that need to be adjusted will go in the ‘tailoring’ category. A simple alteration can give a new lease of life to some fo your garments and make them look brand new. This eco-friendly gesture will give a second life to some of your clothes. All the clothes that you don’t like or don’t fit anymore will go in the ‘donate/sell’ category. To find more tips on how to recycle your old clothes, read our article with 10 Ways To Recycle Your Old Clothes & Accessories here

Free wardrobe cleanse tutorial by Deni

The Third Step 

The last step of the wardrobe cleanse is to create outfits by mixing & matching the clothes you want to keep. Create a wide range of looks, experiment with different combinations, and photograph each outfit.  Throughout the wardrobe cleanse, evaluate what piece of clothing you are missing or needing to replace. Make a shopping list of what you need that will be your guiding thread during your next shopping trip.

“To maximize your wardrobe cleanse tutorial, take pictures of each outfit and make a note of key missing accessories that will help you restyle your clothes in multiple ways. Missing the wardrobe staples can restrict you from wearing 100% of your clothes. For example, not having the right jacket or shoes can stop you from wearing certain outfits.”

How to do a wardrobe cleanse explained by clothes stylist Deni Kiro


Why is it better to do your wardrobe cleanse with professional clothes stylist?

Personal clothes stylist can be there to accompany you throughout the cleanse process and help you identify the key missing items from your wardrobe. As part of our Wardrobe Cleanse Home Visit sessions, you can get honest advice from a personal stylist who will help you identify what needs updating or no longer fits. Deni Kiro will help you with her expert eye to create multiple outfits with the clothes you already own so that you can wear 100% of your existing wardrobe. If you want to do your wardrobe detox online with the help of a stylist you can now book a virtual session via Zoom here. Contact us by email (stylist@denikiro.com) for more information or book a free initial consultation.

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by Cloé Guibert


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