3 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Shopper in London

One of the best Personal Shopper London experts explains why it is important to take advantage of the latest personal shopping services in the capital city.

The need for a personal stylist in the UK has become somewhat of a trend lately with department stores launching their own styling services. But who could benefit from a personal shopper? Anyone and everyone could benefit from a personal shopper in London due to the dynamic lifestyle and everchanging trends in the UK capital. Sometimes little shifts make a huge difference. Everyone deserves to feel happy, beautiful and confident and understand how to dress better for their shape and lifestyle.

“It might seem like a large budget at first between the stylist cost and the purchase of the clothes to build the capsule wardrobe, but if you do the math, it is an investment in the long run with pieces that will last much longer then the ones we purchase based on emotions or because they are on sale. So go for it, do it, you will simply love it! Especially with Deni, she is a great listener, she is super quick at understanding what you want to achieve, and my goodness so right on point, she offered me to try pieces that I simply fell in love with!” – Amandyne, happy client

Personal Shopper in London Saves You Money

No request is too big or too small for me. Styling at prime fashion locations such as Westfield London, Oxford Street and Harrods, I’m capable of working with any budget both high-street and high-end.
I leave my own style at the door before every styling session. My mission is to help you achieve your styling goals and existing clients benefit from On-Going Style Advice and special access to their favourite brands’ events.

“I will teach you how to save money while shopping.” -Deni Kiro

Personal shopper London - Deni Kiro

Personal Shoppers London Saves You Time

A personal shopping experience with a personal shopper in London saves you time. Trusting one of our expert personal shoppers in London with your wardrobe means shopping only 4 times per year – 2 major shopping trips and 2-speed trips for top-ups (if needed).  This means that you are fully prepared for each fashion season in advance and you will never run into the last-minute shopping stress routine. This also means avoiding spontaneous fashion purchases driven by the momentum love over the need for an item.

personal shopping services - Deni Kiro

Personal Shopper London Keeps Your Style Fresh

A personal shopper will give you a new perspective and fresh ideas on what’s right for your body shape, lifestyle and budget. You will never get stuck in a rut by wearing the same outfit, and your style will remain fresh and modern.

“My academic bachelor’s degree in Design and Fashion combined with my extensive 7 years experience, means I can work with anyone regardless of their body shape, age and budget to help them achieve their style goals.”

personal shopper UK - London - Deni Kiro

Personal Shopping Services With Deni Kiro

Working with an independent fashion stylist means that you get much more tailored and personalized style advice. With no staff rules or sales targets, using my personal shopping services means that every suggestion is organic and unique to you. As an independent stylist, I pay personal attention to my client’s individual needs and always stay flexible to accommodate their busy schedules. My existing clients benefit from On-Going Style Advice services which means that I can be a text away to help with every style decision.

Personal shopper London – Deni Kiro has worked with a wide range of clients from all different ages, shapes and gender backgrounds throughout her 7-year practice. Discover more about her latest personal shopping services here.

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