Professional Makeup Lesson With Top London Artist


Professional Makeup Lesson With Top London Artist

Learn how to apply make-up & show your most beautiful feature with the help of a top London makeup artist who will teach you easy and quick makeup techniques to suit your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. Your professional makeup lesson will consist of two parts: learning and revision. On the learning day, the makeup artist will visit your home and start the lesson by going through your makeup products, brushes and current makeup routine. Together you will sort out which products are useful, and which are missing while making a list of products that need to be purchased. Then your professional makeup artist will teach you how to do your makeup in a way that complements your face shape and skin tone. The artist will apply makeup on one side of your face, and you will repeat the makeup on the other side while she guides you step by step. Face charts are available to draw on and make notes. Video recording is encouraged to remember everything. Depending on your requests the makeup artist can focus on daytime makeup or show how to transform it into an evening look.

A few days/week after the first makeup session, once you’ve practised the newly learned makeup techniques on your own, you will meet with your makeup artist via a video call for a revision day. On this day, you will do your makeup in front of the makeup artist, so she can see all the mistakes and fix them. The artist will answer all the questions that appeared in the process of practising. Upon request, she can also cover one more extra topic such as eyeliner, perfect red lips, false lashes etc.


  •  Get a professional makeup lesson over 2 consultations with a top London makeup artist.
  • The learning part is at your home and lasts up to 3 hours. You will learn insider makeup tricks, techniques and useful tips tailored to you. The artist will create a bespoke makeup routine based on your face type, skin tone and style and help you clear your makeup bag and advise on what to keep, replace or throw. You will also receive a list of recommended products to suit best your skin tone and budget.
  • The revision part is via a video call and lasts up to 1.5 hours. The revision day will help you practice your makeup skills and can be performed via Zoom or in person.

The Professional Makeup Lesson costs £350. For sessions outside of central London (travel zone 1), a travel cost will apply. Gift Vouchers are available. Contact us by email for more information.



 Learn skills to take your makeup to amazing new heights during A PROFESSIONAL Makeup LESSON.


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