Self Care Strategies: 5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care At Home

As we think of self care strategies, we are going through a strange period, and therefore incorporating self-care into our daily routine becomes essential. Keeping up with your style can make you feel good, but clothes can only enhance what is inside. To help you feel good from inside out during these uncertain times, we have listed 5 Simple self care ideas to Practice Self-Care At Home.

Stay Healthy

Health is wealth, especially in these times, it is even more important to take care of our immune system. Recently, we took an online Masterclass with Dr.Barbara Strum, where she recommended starting your day with a cocktail of water, lemon and honey, load your plate with lots of fruits and veggies, especially spinach, raw nuts and oranges. Drink green smoothies, stock on vitamins and reduce your sugar intake. These are simple self care strategies to stay healthy. Tonight cook yourself a delicious and nutritious meal and enjoy it with your loved ones – here is our favourite source for easy and healthy recipes from Deliciously Ella.

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“For glowing skin, try a morning drink that includes the following: 1 cup of warm water, a squeeze of fresh lemon, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, 2 sprinkles of cayenne pepper”

Get Moving 

During this period when we have to stay at home it is important to keep moving and to give love to your body. As part of our self care ideas there are plenty of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home, yoga, pilates, ballet… Among our favourite apps are Daily Butt Workout and 7mwc which gives you the benefits of an hour workout in just 7 minutes. To stay stylish and comfy while exercising a Reebok x Victoria Beckham legging with a Stella McCartney sports bra will be the perfect option. If you have the opportunity to work out in your garden put on your Sandro sneakers and go for it. For your yoga sessions, the Stella McCartney floor mat will be a must, and of course, your reusable water bottle by 24 Bottles, will accompany you throughout your day during your self care at home session.

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A stylish workout outfit can certainly provide motivation when it counts and exploring new self care strategies. Our favourite apps are Daily Butt Workout and 7mwc are great for exercising at home.

Leggings Reebok X Victoria Beckham | Training Bra Adidas By Stella McCartneySandro Trainers | Yoga Mat Adidas By Stella McCartney | Water Bottle by 24 Bottles

Focus On Your Mental Health

It is a stressful period, quarantine and social distancing can be damaging for our mental health. That’s why it’s so important to take time for our wellbeing with some of our self care ideas for women. Mediation is a good way to stay calm and grounded, you just need a quiet space and comfy clothes and you are ready to go. Here is our little fashion selection of comfy loungewear clothes, perfect to stay at home and relax. Slip into the floral Olivia Von Halle silk-satin robe and enjoy a good mediation. For fashionistas who want to stay stylish at home a set of satin pyjamas by Sleeper will be a great option, the Apiece Apart cotton dress will be a match for a sunny day working from home, and an Olivia Von Halle Tracksuit is the perfect sporty option for a relaxing day at home.

 “Take care of your mind and body. If you are relatively new to mindfulness, I recommend the Headspace app that will help you start meditating and living mindfully.” Deni

Pajama Set By Sleeper  | Olivia von Halle Satin Robe | Apiece Apart Dress | Olivia Von Halle Tracksuit

Spa At Home

It is important to take care of yourself, even more during this stressful period. The quarantine period is the perfect time to do a pamper day. Take care of your mind and body with these self care strategies. Light a calming candle by Neom, run a hot bath with some Mint Sea Bath Salt, take the time to apply some of our favorite self care products such as the purifying rose mask by Farryn Amber, and enjoy a good book like In My Shoes by Tamara Mellon. Then go to bed, and don’t forget to put on a few drops of Lunar evening oil on your face to wake up with glowing skin during your self care for women session.

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Neom Candle | French Girl Bath Salts | Rose Facial Mask By Farryn Amber | Lunar Facial Oil 

Keep Yourself Busy

To conclude all the self care tips, in order to stay positive and keep your mind busy, make a list of all the thing you have always wanted to do but never had time. Read a good book, call a loved one, start a journal, take an online course and learn new skills, organize your home, clean out your wardrobe. If you need help organizing your wardrobe, we got you covered! Our brand new Wardrobe Detox online service connects you with a personal stylist via a Zoom call. During a one-to-one online consultation, stylist will help you organize your wardrobe. On April 18th and 19th, our very own personal stylist Deni Kiro will present two 45-minutes online masterclasses on how to organize your clothes and clear out your wardrobe step-by-step, accompanied by a style presentation, outfit & brand suggestions, style tips and a 15-minutes Q&A with your stylist. And all profits from ticket sales will go to support COVID-19 organizations. Book your ticket here or explore our range of styling topics for online fashion classes here.

” Staying at home is the perfect time to learn new skills! As part of our self care strategies and to make the period at-home productive, we are introducing new Online Fashion Classes and Masterclasses for our clients. Explore our fashion calendar and book a class today – we are donating all profits from the first 5 classes to COVID-19 organizations. Stay at Home & Learn New skills!” – Deni Kiro

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by Cloe Gilbert

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