Mens Fashion Consultant: Thom Browne London Flagship Store Visit

We were delighted to visit Thom Browne London flagship store after the lockdown was lifted. Further, read more about the brand and its exclusive made-to-mesure service. Our mens fashion consultant has created an edit of Thom Browne accessories for men – a preppy style that fuses the brand’s signature stripes with a perennially chic appeal.

About Thom Browne

Thom Browne is a New York brand which is known for its conceptualisation of the classic men’s suit (as well as women recently). Their discreet flagship store is elegantly settled at the end of London’s Albemarle Street right opposite Self-Portrait.
Thom Browne is a New York-based label that is a source of innovative design and impeccable craftsmanship. The brand has an exclusive tailor-made service – made-to-measure suits for both men and women, personalisation and unique selection of accessories. – Mens Fashion Consultant Deni Kiro – London
Mens Fashion Consultant: Thom Browne London Flagship Store Visit
Putting a fresh spin on tailoring and suiting, Thom Browne offers a sleek and timeless aesthetic that is both playful and unexpected.
Men's Fashion Consultant: Thom Browne London Flagship Store Visit
Thom’s vision: “I wanted to blur the line between the men and the women and]have them wear the same thing; the same fabrics, the same proportions. Favourite pieces for me blended traditional fabrics with a more deconstructed sports-sourced shape: Particularly tasty was a streamlined poacher’s jacket that mixed houndstooth and Prince of Wales and a red-checked bomber”
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The brand’s palette includes shades of grey combined with their signature stripes.
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Thom Browne Accessories review by Men’s Fashion Consultant London Deni Kiro

Besides clothes, Thom Browne also designs beautiful bags that can be used for women or men. The bags are crafted from premium leathers, featuring backpacks, totes, clutch bags and shoulder styles with their signature striped detailing.

There is something different about Browne’s collection theme in the autumn of 2020, which is the animal-themed collection bag. The black leather bags look very unique by resembling animals, such as lions, deer, fish, turtles, camels, snakes, ducks, elephants, dogs, rabbits, rhinos and many others.

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mens fashion consultant on Thom Browne London store visit experience

mens fashion consultant Deni Kiro on Thom Browne London store visit experience

Thom Browne’s sunglasses will lend a refined note to simple everyday looks.

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Thom Browne has recently introduced perfumes and colognes – our stylist pick includes their rose-scented Fragrance for ladies and the cucumber-infused scent for gentlemen.

Watch Thom Browne’s Spectacular Runway Show

Styling At Thom Browne London Flagship

Ensure every detail of your outfit is considered with the help of your expert image consultant. Contact us for more information on how to book your exclusive in-store experience at Thom Browne London store with your personal stylist for men Deni Kiro or check out our men’s personal styling services here!

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