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Discovering your personal style can transform the way you feel about yourself. Great personal style is a feast of individuality and confidence. Making an effort to look good is nice. It elevates you. That’s why it’s worth it.


Our Happy Clients

Deni was absolutely amazing, and I can’t recommend her services enough! She helped me cleanse my wardrobe, store spring/summer clothes and accessories in an organised fashion, and organised my current season wardrobe that it looks like from a Homeedit episode. She then suggested which items were missing in my wardrobe to help me elevate the looks and helped me with the shopping. We did it mostly online, but we will do an in-store styling session in a few months, too. I understand she gets a private lounge in the best department stores for an enjoyable shopping experience. Deni is extremely professional and pleasant as well as reasonable when it comes to shopping – she will never push expensive items just for the sake of being branded. I felt very comfortable being 100% open with her about different style choices. Strongly recommend!

Viktoria Habanova

I used Deni’s wardrobe cleanse and new capsule package in summer 2020 and could not be happier with this decision. I needed help identifying the mix of style and looks I wanted to go for as I didn’t know how to combine the minimalist, yet feminine and still practical style. She turned out to be a total fairy, from her arrival on time to being extremely patient, able to listen and understand and when she helped put together new looks with my current wardrobe I new she got the style I wanted to go for. I had the best time with her in the private shopping room, and it was the most efficient three hours of shopping ever. She delivered exactly what I asked for and pushed me just enough into the new area which I appreciated. After “investing” in myself in this way, I spent so little time worrying about what to wear, and I kept collecting compliments from people around me. I already had another autumn winter shopping session with Deni and don’t think I will stop there. Her friendly chat advice is priceless too. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Vlada Plotnikova, Banking

Loved the Wardrobe Cleanse Home Visit… It helped me to get rid of things that I have been keeping for years, make loads of outfits from my clothes without having to spend crazy money in new shops, and gave me so many ideas which I would never have thought before. Deni was super quick to respond and organise her visit according to my needs and deadline. Highly recommended!

Gaby Braca, Music Artist

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