Elevate Your Image With Personal Styling: Unveiling Your Personal Brand Through Stylish Expression

Embark on a journey with us as we unveil the art of creating a practical, authentic personal brand and image through the transformative power of fashion styling. Join us as we delve into one of Deni’s in-store styling sessions, offering insight into the process of crafting a signature style that speaks volumes about who you are.

Your personal brand is more than just a label – it’s a statement that defines your identity and values. Through style, you have the opportunity to express yourself authentically, combining professionalism with personality to resonate with your audience. In this blog, we will show you how we achieved our client Jeanine’s desired personal brand as being impactful, and professional but also fun, through the power of style….

Our client Jeanine is a transformation coach, she came to us to create a practical, personal brand and image for herself. Jeanine specially contacted us for support for her photo shoot for her business and social media, but also to fulfil her desire to source clothes that she could wear after the photoshoot.

Showing your brand through style

Jeanine didn’t like shopping and felt like she was buying similar pieces, to what she already had in her wardrobe. She wanted to get a completely new perspective on how to create an impactful, elegant but also fun style for herself. To achieve this we opted for professional looks but also a lot of personality, which was successfully completed through colours. 

A must be taking into consideration the client’s complexion, as this will ensure your outfit compliments your features. Jeanine has a warm autumn complexion, so she suits beige, and camel colours but also bright, bold colours, such as navy, red, blue, pink and red. As one of the main aims of our service for Jeanine was to find clothes ready for her photo shoot, we had to choose colours that not only complement her skin tone but look good on camera.


Max Mara Weekend With Personal Stylist London - Deni Kiro

Max Mara Weekend- Weekend 1 Uscita – Tailored Woollen Cloth Blazer

See What’s Trending: Woollen Cloth Palazzo Trousers

Top Personal Stylist tip from the best image consultant from London: When you are planning outfits for a photo shoot make sure you opt for Colour because Colour looks better on camera and in photos in comparison to black.

Personal Stylist Session With Best Stylist From London

Match Your Style: Joseph – Stretch Toile Tafira Trousers

Jeanine’s chosen clothes show off her personal brand as empowering, professional, and elegant, but still showing off the fun side of her personality. 

Deni Kiro Stylist from London choice on woolen clothing

Woollen Cloth Palazzo Trousers

Explore Fashion Finds: Maxmara Suez Stripe Shirt

Dressing up and down with the same capsule wardrobe

As Jeanine wanted clothes that she could wear after her photoshoot, we delivered her wishes, ensuring everything was suitable for her to be able to dress down as well as dress up for occasions. 

For example, the pleated skirt can be dressed up with a blouse or pair it with a matching jumper, to get a more occasional look, or dress it down with a T-shirt and trainers.

Ade Skirt Choice by Image Consultant Deni Kiro From London

Unlock Your Style Potential With Joseph – Knit Weave Plissé Ade Skirt

More to Love: Joseph – Split-hem V-neck cashmere jumper

Styling Session With Image Consultant From London - Deni Kiro and Weekend MaxMara

Get Inspired by These Looks: Weekend Maxmara – Pleated Printed Twill Skirt

By Malene Birger – Mantea Wool-blend Jumper

Another example is Jeanine wearing this gorgeous navy blazer, paired with some blue jeans. When dressing this up, Jeanine can opt for it with a pair of heels, but when she’s going for a more casual look, she can pair her outfit with some white trainers. The pieces can be worn in her day-to-day life but are also appropriate for spring-summer.

Personal Styling Session with Deni Kiro From London

Veronica Beard – Miller Dickey Linen-blend Blazer

Toteme- T-lock Leather Top Handle Bag

Malone Souliers – Uma 80 Blush Leather Pumps

Image Consultant From London Shopping Spree at Marella

Browse The Marella Collection: Marella – Belted Coat

By Malene Birger – Mantea Wool-blend Jumper

We were delighted with Jeanine’s fresh, stylish and elegant pieces and so was she “It was my first styling session and Deni was amazing. The consultation beforehand was so thorough and when I turned up, the clothes on the racks waiting for me were exactly what we’d discussed. As someone who is not a lover of shopping, I was shocked about this! Deni is soft and patient and really informative and intuitive. She is extremely skilled in what she does and I am in love with my new clothes. I would never have picked them out or put certain items together. They suit me so well. She also helped the hours fly by. Thank you Deni. Highly recommend!”

Fashion Stylist from London UK Gives Advice on styling

Get Inspired by These Looks: Joseph – Knit Weave Plissé Ade Skirt

Joseph – Split-hem V-neck Cashmere Jumper

Do you want to redefine your image and leave a lasting impression? Whether you’re preparing for a special event or seeking personalised styling to align with your lifestyle and complexion, trust us to elevate your wardrobe to new heights. Contact us today and embark on a stylish adventure that promises to elevate your confidence and style!

By Poppy Wilson, fashion intern

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