Brand Discovery: How To Pull Off An All-Black Look In Dion Lee

For people who love black, a stunning all-black look is one of the joys during cold months. When we talk about styling head-to-toe black, there are a few things to consider in order to turn the look from too basic to elevated & chic.

“Opting for a special piece such as blazer or trousers from a less commercial brand can add a touch of personality to your look. What’s on my fashion radar season? My latest style discovery is the Australian designer Dion Lee. Renowned for its experimental construction married with traditional tailoring, its the perfect label for special garments to make a statement.”

How To Pull Off An  All-Black Look: Think About The Fabrics

When it comes to styling, black is a colour which requires a fashion knowledge to pull off. Black can look either extremely chic or draining. Why? Only 50 % of people suit jet black. So how to pull off an all-black look? Introduce contrasting textures in your outfit – think lace & leather, satin and denim, wool and silk. The juxtaposition of textures will elevate your look without the need for many accessories.

How To Pull Off An All-Black Look: Think About The Details

Choose one statement garment in your look with intricate details such as this corseted blazer from DION LEE. This will bring an accent to your look. Characterised by architectural silhouettes and innovative textiles, the Sydney-based label makes a conscious effort to accentuate and empower the female form.

Steal The Look

DION LEE Corset Blazer | Nanushka trousers | Pink Boots

ROW 1 /// Tube Blazer | Black corset | Black chain-embellished trousers

ROW 2///  Sage midi dress | Navy chain-embellished mini dress | Cream dress

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By Deni Kiro

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