Cloe’s Notes From The Personal Stylist Courses: How To Create & Maintain A Capsule Wardrobe

On Tuesday, the 31st of March, we had the pleasure of attending one of online personal stylist courses by stylist Deni Kiro on How To Create & Maintain A Capsule Wardrobe. We’ve learned what a Capsule Wardrobe is all about and how to create it and maintain it while staying true to our personality. If you haven’t had a chance to make some notes or attend the fashion styling courses on time, don’t worry, I’ve made some notes that will help you create your own perfect Capsule Wardrobe.

“A capsule wardrobe is a concept of dressing. Having a capsule means using a minimum amount of items that allows you to create a maximum amount of outfits through mix and match. Creating your own capsule is like a formula for dressing and shopping developed uniquely for you. Having a capsule will make your everyday dressing easier and quicker while saving you money long term”

What We’ve Learned During Online Fashion Courses:

  • A Capsule Wardrobe is closely related to seasons – within your wardrobe, you can have a Spring/Summer capsule, Autumn/Winter capsule, Holiday capsule wardrobe and a work travel mini capsule. 
  • The number of items for a capsule wardrobe is very individual – it relates closely to your lifestyle. During this personal stylist course, we learned how to create a capsule wardrobe that suits our individual everyday life. Most of us spend 80% of our time at work, so the majority of your clothes should fit the brief of your work and be restyled for after-work, leisure and weekends 
  • Select fabrics & styles that will stand the test of time. Get the balance right, most of your clothes should be separates like tops, blouses, t-shirts, trousers, shirts and jackets. Keep the dresses and jumpsuits in a smaller amount.
  • We have learned what are the key layering pieces and accessories for a capsule wardrobe. Accessories are the final touches that elevate your outfit.
  • We have also learned what are the key components for a capsule wardrobe and how to get the right balance between the staple and statement pieces. Staples pieces are your wardrobe essentials, the everyday classics – well-tailored trousers, smart jeans, blouses etc. Statement pieces are the items that elevate your outfit, the standout designs in your wardrobe – a designer bag, shoes or a tweed jacket.

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I hope these little notes from the fashion styling course will help you create your own Capsule Wardrobe. And don’t worry if you missed this online styling class, our next online class on How To Create & Maintain A Capsule Wardrobe is on 28th April 2020. Your personal stylist will reveal the formula behind a capsule wardrobe and take you through the 4 key steps of creating and maintaining your own capsule. There are more style topics & online fashion courses throughout April – read the full schedule for online classes here.  Email us to sign up for the next fun and informative Online Fashion Class introduced by stylist Deni Kiro at Deni also works privately with clients from all backgrounds to help them create a completely individual capsule wardrobe.

“Getting a stylist to help you through the steps of creating your own capsule wardrobe will save you time & money in the long term by helping you avoid expensive mistakes. Often people opt for exactly the same design in different colours – working with a stylist will give you a fresh perspective and style inspiration for new looks that suit you but you might have never considered before.”

Save The Date: Next Online Classes is on 28th April

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by Cloé Guibert

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