Tailor-Made Elegance: Create Your Bespoke Style at Aimee Joyce London

In a world brimming with trends, there’s something inherently magical about a piece tailored exclusively for you — a bespoke creation that encapsulates your style, your essence. Join us on a journey into the realm of bespoke designs, uncovering why they’re not just garments, and later, discover a newfound gem that aligns seamlessly with our love for timeless elegance.

Unveiling Bespoke Brilliance: Your Style, Your Rules

Ever felt the thrill of slipping into a garment crafted just for you? Bespoke styles aren’t mere clothing; they’re a canvas on which your unique style unfolds. Each bespoke piece is a reflection of your taste, your personality, your journey.

Crafting Personalities, Not Just GarmentsPersonal Stylist Deni Kiro From London in Collaboration with Aimee Joyce

Bespoke dresses go beyond the surface; they become a means to express your unique individuality. What’s more, when you work with skilled artisans on the design of your dress you’re not just purchasing a garment; you’re co-creating an heirloom. The process of creating a bespoke item results in a masterpiece that encapsulates the emotions of the wearer.

Tailoring the Best You: The Power of a Perfect Fit

One of the transformative wonders of bespoke designs is the impeccable fit to your silhouette.  Every stitch, every contour is meticulously crafted to accentuate your best features. It does not require compromises on sizing and fit  or settling for something close to your vision. With bespoke, your dress is tailored to celebrate you, boosting your confidence in every stride.

Why Bespoke? Timeless Appeal in a World of Trends

Bespoke dresses defy the transient nature of fashion, becoming enduring classics that never go out of style. Your bespoke piece isn’t confined to a particular season—it’s a perpetual symbol of elegance and individuality.

When Bespoke Meets Timeless EleganceBespoke Design with Personal Stylist Experience

Our latest discovery in the world of bespoke fashion is the British brand Aimee Joyce London. This newfound gem echoes our belief in crafting and expressing personalities, not just garments, and invites you to embark on a style journey where each piece is a testament to your unique elegance.

The founder and creative director of the brand, Aimee Joyce, seamlessly marries the concepts of timeless and elegance. Her design approach aims to master the art of balancing between femininity and power. They make the creation of a bespoke piece a seamless shopping experience where you truly uncover your own elegance and learn how to express it through a tailor-made garment. Guiding you from discovering your distinctive vision to seamlessly incorporating it into the design, and offering expert advice on styling that accentuates your personality and achieves the desired effect – Aimee Joyce London is your companion on the transformative journey of turning your personality into a bespoke masterpiece.

The Collection

Adhering to the same principles of crafting timeless and elegant pieces, Aimee Joyce London curates collections that leave us in awe. Enjoy a feast for the eye – some of our favourite looks:

Blend timeless bespoke fashion with expert style guidance to ensure each piece not only adorns but reflects your unique personality. Explore a realm where style meets individuality, curated for you by the expert personal stylist Deni Kiro. Immerse yourself in a world where each bespoke creation goes beyond the concept of an outfit and turns into a curated expression of your individuality. 

Deni Kiro, armed with a discerning eye for design and an intimate understanding of personal styles, is here to elevate your wardrobe. From crafting timeless ensembles with our pieces to offering tailored advice for your personal style, she will take you on a transformative journey where your style becomes an artful reflection of your unique personality. Deni can create a completely new wardrobe for you or elevate your current one, either way, you will end up with outfit combinations that bring out the best in you.

  • Service 1: Complimentary 30 minutes consultation for Aime Joyce clients, book here
  • Service  2: We need to think of a name and polish the description for a unique appointment for AJ.  Session goes in 2 parts; we start with Define MyStyle style consultation: Your stylist helps you identify your style personality, body shape and complexion. Then your stylist creates a mood board for your unique gown and helps you choose colour that flatters your complexion and fabrics and silhoettes that makes the most of your body  shape. Session can be in person or online.
  • Second type of session ( more premium) Style Lookbook: your stylist helps you create a capsule edit of 2-3 pieces from AJ tailored to your lifestyle, shape & complexion. Personal stylist Deni Kiro will source accessories and staple clothes that complement your unique pieces from AJ and will show you how to style them in multiple ways. All looks will be photographed into your own lookbook.


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