What to wear for a wedding, cocktail or black tie?

Calendar full of events? This personal stylist’s guide to dress codes covers every occasion – what to wear for a wedding, business cocktail or a black tie.

Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to the occasion and the people around you. For many of my clients, occasion wear equals investing in an outfit. As a personal stylist, I believe that every investment clothing should have a lifespan longer than a few wears.

How to pick an outfit for a special occasion that you will wear again and again? Our guide to dress codes will help you look effortlessly stylish in all your snaps, regardless of whether it’s a wedding, business cocktail or a black tie.

Wedding outfits

The first and most important factor when choosing an outfit for a wedding is the theme and the venue. The setting of the wedding, whether it is boho beach style, rustic countryside or an elegant ballroom, dictates the dress code whether it is a wedding outfit for women or for men.

I suggest midi or knee-length wedding dresses as they are much more versatile than maxi dresses. Opt for contemporary tailoring which you can style down with a pair of heeled boots and a leather jacket on a normal Saturday night.

When it comes to fabrics & prints, I strongly suggest opting for classics to ensure your dress remains a timeless piece in your wardrobe after being used as a wedding outfit. Material such as lace, tweed, satin and silk, sequence and floral prints will never go out of style.

The London-based Label Needle & Treads have nailed chic sequin dresses and romantic floral prints that fit the brief for a wedding, holiday evening and beyond. Recently, a client of mine got a few of these for a special occasion as well as daily looks styled with trainers.

dresses to wear to a wedding and perfect wedding clothes

Chiffon midi dress | Needle &Thread dress | Satin floral dress

Wedding clothes and wedding guest outfits tip

A dress is the first association for a wedding dress code. When looking for the perfect dresses to wear to a wedding – Look for easy shapes in nuanced colours that fit with the theme of the wedding.

Business Cocktail

The most relaxed among all three occasions, here is key not to feel overdressed. Some people might come straight from work while other will be more elegant, so how to get the balance right? From stylist’s perspective, separates are the smartest choice for a business cocktail – think tailored trousers, suits, lavish blouses or sumptuous skirts.  Separates look contemporary and you can re-style them individually after the event. However, if you decide to opt for a long cocktail dress, pick one of the elegant cocktail dresses with modern tailoring in classic fabrics – no much skin on show.

elegant cocktail dresses and long cocktail dresses

Sequined skirt | Sequined top | Burgundy dress


If you ever wondered what to wear to a black tie event, my stylist’s suggestion for a black tie event is to opt for classic clothing styled with statement jewellery. Think of an LBD, tailored jumpsuit or a cream dress like an ‘empty canvas’ – you can transform them with accessories to fit any styling scenario.  Statement accessories such as shoe, bag or jewellery will surely make their way in your everyday style after the event. Black tie event men could include accessories to perfect the whole image.

If you want to make a statement with your style, opt for sequins. A daring sequin dress or a sleek embellished jumpsuit will guarantee you a show-stopping look.


what to wear to a black tie event - black occasion dresses

Velvet dress | Jumpsuit | Sequin dress

Deni Kiro offers a range of personal styling services for special occasions such as weddings, business cocktails and black tie events. Whether you are looking to invest in a unique garment or loan a designer piece, her expert advice will help you look the best version of yourself on your special occasion.

Avoid making an expensive mistake and book your free consultation for an occasionwear styling session with Deni Kiro. You will end up with an outfit perfectly tailored to you which you will  wear again and again.



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